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Black History Month: Creative Origins

Black History is American history. Each Black individual’s personal origin story is a puzzle piece in the larger picture of history as a whole. This February, here at Squarespace, we’re celebrating and honoring the Black voices and stories that inspire us to push boundaries and make a difference in creative industries. 

We sat down with three Black creatives to talk about their professional origin stories and their aspirations for the future of their fields. Peyton Dix, Judd Smith, and Nick Fulcher have all found success in their creative industries in a variety of ways. For many Black creatives, success isn’t about following traditional career paths. It's about carving out their own spaces by making their own rules. 

For Peyton Dix, a social media editor, that looked like stumbling into a social media role when her boss discovered her Instagram account. Judd Smith found success as a product designer by pursuing a role that encompassed his interests in art and design, despite not having gone to art school. And for Nick Fulcher, the path to success looked like using his community college education to eventually land his position as an Art Director—a job he didn’t know existed when he was growing up. 

To learn more about these creative professional paths, watch the video above.

Black creatives at every intersection of identity are making history every day in their respective fields. Their work and visibility helps pave the way for creative spaces to be, in Dix’s words, “more Black, and more gay, and more freaky, and more fun.”  

Are you ready to make history in your own way? Get started by showcasing your work on Squarespace.

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